Short Stories

Radiant Beams

Kudos to frequent O.Henry contributor Terri Kirby Erickson, whose new collection of poetry, A Sun inside my Chest, will be released next month by Winston-Salem’s Press 53. After losing both parents within a space of six months, Erickson arrived at the volume’s title, an affirmation “that love lives on, like a sun inside us, filling our hearts with warmth and light.” The sentiment is captured on the book’s brilliant cover, created by Erickson’s uncle, painter Stephen White and, of course, in each poem, which she says “expresses love in every form.” Look for more poetry by Terri Kirby Erickson, among the pages of this magazine’s October issue.

More Is Morehead

It’s been 40-odd years since Preservation Greensboro has published a new book, so we’re delighted to see the arrival of Governor Morehead’s Blandwood: A History & Catalog. With colorful photos and essays by PGI President Benjamin Briggs, Catherine Bishir, Judith Cushman Hammer, and a preface by Robert Leath, formerly of Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA), the tome reveals the illustrious history, architecture and decorative arts of a 220-year-old American classic — right in downtown Greensboro’s own backyard. Speaking of backyards, have a look at some lovely local oases with PGI’s annual but first-ever virtual Historic Tour of Homes and Gardens. To learn more, turn to page 74 or visit

Get Your Kicks . . .

Steps, leaps, twirls or however you choose to shake your groove thing, and share your signature moves on September 19, aka National Dance Day GSO. Launching the 30th anniversary of NC Dance Festival, presented by the Gate City’s Dance Project, the event is virtual this year with recorded video segments of the dance groups’ performances in or around LeBauer and Center City Parks. The full complement of 30- to 60-second spots will be unveiled to the public on October 24, giving you the option to sit it out or dance alongside the moving images. As the song goes: We hope you dance. Info:

À la Mode

The show must go on! And in the case of the 11th Annual Restoration Runway Fashion Show — it will!  Rescheduled from March, the runway show will stream live  on Friday night, September 25, at 7 p.m. A private streaming link will be available to all ticket holders, who will also receive Watch Party Kits filled with treats such as catering-to-go by 1618 On Location and dessert by Tha Cookie Pusha. A virtual photo booth, hosted by Joy Squad, will create a sense of community experienced at live events. Benefiting Restoration Place Counseling, event proceeds will subsidize as many as 3,000 professional counseling sessions. Executive Director Cindy Mondello says, “We’re grateful for those who support our mission, especially now, considering the huge impact of the pandemic on mental health.” Want to get in on the fashion action? Tickets are still available, including a new $30 option for the private viewing link only: or (336) 542-2060 ext. 102.
— Waynette Goodson

The Astrological Outlook for Pure Perfection

Wouldja look at those bookshelves full of tomes neatly arranged by size and color? That’s the handiwork of a Virgo, who does everything by the . . . book. Ruled by logical Mercury, these meticulous perfectionists love to plan, organize, make lists, dot i’s and cross t’s — and drive the rest of us nuts. Keenly aware that God — and the devil — are in the details, they make great engineers, managers and editors (believe us!), though they often overlook the proverbial forest for the trees. Perhaps because they’re so fond of trees, being attuned to nature and the physical; if they’re not tending gardens or hiking on woodsy trails, Virgos are striking yoga poses, trying out the latest diet fads, reaching for hand sanitizer and chiding you to wear a face mask, their pragmatic way of showing they care. Symbolized by the Earth goddess of the harvest — OK, “virgin,” so knock it off with the snickering and ban any thoughts of chastity belts — these folks are also the, ummm, other kind of earthy. Remember the sight of soaking-wet Virgo Colin Firth in BBC’s Pride and Prejudice mini series? Twenty-five years on, female hearts are still aflutter. Or how ’bout September-born Idris Elba flashing a seductive smile as People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive? Or sultry Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not: “You do know how to whistle, don’t cha? Just put your lips together and . . . blow.” Yowza! So sweet are the vibes this month at the Pisces full moon on September 1st, that Virgos might not even notice warrior Mars nodding off for a retrograde phase on the 9th, or happy-go-lucky Jupiter waking up from his own Rx nap on the 12th. Nah! They can’t help but notice. Every. Little. Thing. Because little things do matter — and inevitably lead to something big.



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