O.Henry Ending

Home is Where the Hen Is How a chicken named Squeakers stole dinners — and then our hearts   By Cassie Bustamante Tap, tap, tap! The sound of someone rapping on our storm door echoed through [...]

September Almanac 2021

By Ashley Wahl   September is deliciously subtle. Like a sly smile in a moment of silent recognition. The last wave of swallowtails graces the garden. Dinner plate dahlias resemble colorful [...]

Living in Service

Lisa Hawley is grateful for her elegant new home. But her soul mission — feeding the hungry — is what continues to bring her deep and lasting fulfillment By Cynthia Adams   •   Photographs by Amy [...]

The Healing Gardeners

Thanks to a grand vision and several helping hands, Cone Health Cancer Center’s Healing Gardens offer space for transformation — within and without    By Ross Howell Jr.     Thursday [...]

No Place Like Home

Photo essay by Amy Freeman You’ve heard of the colorful doors of Dublin. But have you noticed the bold and vibrant doors sprinkled throughout the Triad?  We have. And, frankly, we’re inspired.   

Poem September 2021

Skipping Walking my heart (good boy!) after lunch, suddenly my bored step hitches, stutters, propels me firmly up and forward, and look, I’m skipping, I’m skipping, I’m skipping like I haven’t in [...]

Wandering Billy

The Noise is Back in Town As in glorious live musical performances   By Billy Eye With so many ways to communicate at our disposal, we must not forget the transformative power of a live [...]


Swirling Birds The return of the chimney swifts   By Susan Campbell The approach of fall means many things to many people: cooler days, longer nights, the smell of pumpkin spice — all things [...]


Goldenrod Behold the flaming yellow glory of this native flowering plant By Ross Howell Jr.   A native plant I love to see this time of year is Solidago, from the Latin solidare — “to make [...]

The Curio Corner

Behind the Faces A few moments with portrait artist Suellen McCrary   By Maria Johnson They look like they’re fixing to talk, the 24 people whose spirits were gently snared and then brushed [...]

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