Wandering Billy

You Auto Be in Pictures How babies were made in the ’60s By Billy Eye   “Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.” ― Martin Scorsese The history is vague but it’s been well [...]

Fair Winds and Following Seas

USCGC Diligence departs Wilmington By John Wolfe   •   Photographs by Andrew Sherman   It’s a cool gray Memorial Day morning, and the tide is nearly full beneath the big white ship moored at [...]

September Almanac

Almanac September breaks you open with her golden hours, her wildflowers, her long, sweet kiss of transience. She is absolute radiance. Summer in her loveliest form. And one day, out of nowhere, [...]

Simple Life

Unexpected September And the art of rolling with the punches   By Jim Dodson Not long ago, my daughter took a new job and moved with her fiancé from New York City to Los Angeles, or as I try [...]


Cri de Kora This year’s FolkFest is one for the ages “Band, we’re ready for sound check!” At the announcement, Diali Cissokho (pronounced “Djelly See-so-ko), sporting a colorful tunic in contrast [...]

The Omnivorous Reader

The Write Stuff What makes memorable writing work?   By Stephen E. Smith “These are the times that try men’s souls.” “The world will little note nor long remember . . .” “A date which will [...]

Mural, Mural on The Wall

Raman Bhardwaj sends big messages with oversize art By Maria Johnson   •   Photographs by Lynn Donovan   Artist Raman Bhardwaj stands so close to movie star Lupita Nyong’o, he can feel the [...]

O.Henry Ending

By Chris Burritt We packed Alice up and put her on a plane to Paris. Somehow she had convinced me that spending a year in one of the most expensive cities in the world would be cheaper than going [...]

Life’s Funny

Hanging with Coneheads How to lick a pandemic   By Maria Johnson Are you ready for a scoop or two of good news? Then lean in for the story of Ozzie’s, a Greensboro ice cream shop owned by [...]


Weary   We Slant toward another Season. The light tells time when the first red leaf Of fall lands torn and bug bitten at our feet after fluttering down like some letaloose little bird. [...]

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