The Christmas Spirit Fitness is part of it, but there’s more to the story   Late in the afternoon, the autumn sun sprays orange kisses and blue shadows all around the oceanic parking lot at [...]

Scuppernong Bookshelf

The Future is Bright Let us imagine so — for the sake of our children at least   Compiled by Brian Lampkin Can we look forward? As I write this in October I want to imagine November. A [...]

Simple Life

A Country Made of Clouds Awakening the dreamer is as simple as slowing down and looking up   By Jim Dodson Not long ago, an old friend named Macduff Everton sent me a gift that reminded me [...]

Weekend Away

Port City Adventure The Madcap Cottage gents “arrive” in Wilmington, literally   By Jason Oliver Nixon John and I moved to North Carolina from Brooklyn, New York, six years ago and, egads!, [...]

Short Stories

Real Talk Have you seen GreenHill’s current exhibit? All women. All abstract artists from across the state. All worthy of starting a conversation about. And on Thursday, November 5 — the [...]

Omnivorous Reader

Siberian Odyssey Exploring the exotic and the desolate   By Stephen E. Smith “Loss of Travel Causing Americans to Feel Stress and Anxiety” a recent MSN headline blared. If that’s the case, [...]

November 2020

Exulansis The tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it. – The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows  To my Northern friends: I regret I can no [...]

Life’s Funny

Plymouth Rock On This isn’t the first Thanksgiving — but it’s the first one like this   By Maria Johnson I’ve been thinking a lot about Pilgrims lately. I started down this road because my [...]


The Return of the Bufflehead The little ducks are back — if only for the winter   By Susan Campbell For me, late autumn means one of my favorite groups of birds, waterfowl, are on the way [...]

Earning His Wings

Joe Bemis’ High Flying World War II Recreations By Billy Ingram   •   Photographs by Joe Bemis/Victory Productions   Seventy-five years ago this year, the United States and our Allies [...]

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