Short Stories

Mountain Man And no, we don’t mean Grizzly Adams, but acclaimed photographer Jeff Botz, whose panoramas of the Himalayan Mountains will be on view for the month of November starting on the 2nd, [...]

Simple Life

The King of Everyman By Jim Dodson Novemberís arrival never fails to put me in a grateful mood, even before the far-flung clan assembles around a Thanksgiving table worthy of a king. Speaking of [...]

Gate City Journal

The Den Mother of Tate Street How Amelia and Robert Leung fed cared for a generation of street people at the legendary Hong Kong House By Grant Britt For nearly thirty years, Amelia Leung and her [...]

Life’s Funny

All Things in Moderation . . . . . . Southern Style By Maria Johnson After watching the debates this election season, there’s one thing I know. In future debates, we need to throw out the network [...]


TV Dinner Turkey vultures are the ultimate scavengersBy Susan Campbell There! By the edge of the road: It’s a big, dark bird. It looks sort of like it a wild turkey. But is it? Its head and face [...]

Poem November 2016

BIRD FEEDER I never said we weren’t sunk in glittering nature, until we are able to become something else. — Mary Oliver Perches pique a matter of strategic challenges, this chess game of poached [...]

Accidental Astrologer

Ration the Passion For Scorpios, it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that sting By Astrid Stellanova Scorpios are famously passionate, ambitious, intense and jealous. They will ask but they [...]

Short Stories

Veganomics Ya gotta eat your spinach, baby! And collards, beets, beans, potatoes, carrots and other good things that grow in the ground. Come out and celebrate ’em all at Triad VegFest (November [...]


Same Old Game Just new stuff By Clyde Edgerton Iím in the bleachers watching baseball practice. My youngest son, 11, has just started playing — this is his second practice ever — and so far, he [...]

The Omnivorous Reader

Hillbilly Blues Poor, white and not quite forgotten By Stephen E. Smith The presidential election is either over or is about to be, and, barring an unforeseen catastrophe, we ought to be [...]

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