Wandering Billy

Feline Fine Cat Scratch and Cabin Fever   By Billy Eye “Adversity is the state in which man most easily becomes acquainted with himself, being especially free of admirers then.” — John [...]

Food For Thought

Strawberry Fields Forever Classic shortcake is nice. But it’s hard to beat this spirited twist on summer’s most luscious berry   By Jane Lear Although it may sound strange, soaking, or [...]

Rednap’s Revenge

For next year’s 250th anniversary of the Battle of Alamance, the Regulators get their due as early sons of liberty Story and Photographs By David Claude Bailey Two-hundred-and-fifty-two years [...]


Art Unlimited GreenHill goes virtual   You could while away the hours, conferrin’ with the flowers or consulting with the rain, as the song goes. Or, you could let your imagination roam and [...]


Birdz in the Hood This time of year, the ponds are full of hooded merganser   By Susan Campbell Have you seen a male hooded merganser lately? They’re hard to miss with their extensive white [...]

Simple Small Places

And how they produce some of life’s greatest moments   By Jim Dodson Marcus Tullius Cicero, the famous Roman philosopher and statesman, once observed that all he needed to live was a good [...]

Short Stories

Plant-Based Medicine And no, we’re not suggesting growing pot, but potting growth with a houseplant to keep you company while you shelter in place. In addition to brightening up your [...]

Tealing the Show

A wave of bold color transforms a Burlington kitchen By Maria Johnson Their nest may be empty, and roomy for two, but Allison and Eddie Gant are staying put. Even though their children are grown [...]

Papadaddy’s Mindfield

Outdoors Is Not Closed A gift that amazes the child in all of us   By Clyde Edgerton I’m writing these words in late March 2020. My gentle editor recently told me that the Salt magazine [...]

Scuppernong Bookshelf

Self-Isolation: A Reader’s Odd Paradise Books running the gamut from dark to light, to keep you company in uncertain times   By Brian Lampkin As we enter another month of enjoying our time [...]

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