Featured Artist

“In the Beginning”, 2018, oil on canvas, 30 x 33 inches Katy Mixon: Digging Deep At first glance, Katy Mixon’s oil-on-panel, In the Beginning, part of GreenHill’s current NC Women [...]

Scuppernong Bookshelf

To the Hoop! Celebrate the ACC tourneys with a full court literary press   Compiled by Brian Lampkin March is always an exciting time in North Carolina, and while this year will probably [...]

Simple Life

The Stuffed Potatoes Sustaining power of wise friends — and a good lunch   By Jim Dodson Two or three times a month, we meet for lunch at a quiet bar of a local restaurant. We catch up on [...]

The Creators

Man of Iron How Raleigh’s bold investment in sculptor Jim Gallucci’s art led to a revitalization of the city’s urban center By Wiley Cash Photographs by Mallory Cash In 2007, just as the world [...]

March Almanac

Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer. — Geoffrey B. Charlesworth   March is the blushing maiden, [...]

O.Henry Ending

Body(shop) and Soul Rolling into a new decade   By Nancy Oakley A totaled car wasn’t how I expected to start the new year. To the anonymous hit-and-run driver who mangled my beloved [...]

Wandering Billy

Grunge and Grind A backward glance at College Hill’s Crunchy Music Stuff By Billy Eye “There’s a stigma to skating. People think of it as a kid’s sport. People kept telling me I couldn’t possibly [...]

March 2020

Awoken The moon awoke me howling for attention the stars were distant, aloof a few gregarious, Gregorian twinkles made celesta accompaniment lunar fugue a chorus of seas echo of my cathedrals [...]


A Close Shave What’s old may be new   By Clyde Edgerton If I use a plastic drinking straw, I get grief from my family. As I should. So I decided to stop using plastic straws and plastic [...]

The Pleasures of Life Dept.

The Airing Of An Artist A Greensboro gallery reveals a long-hidden cache of work by beloved streetscape artist Maggie Fickett By Maria Johnson The Center for Visual Artists, a nonprofit gallery [...]

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