Vine Wisdom

The Rise of Roussillon Where red wine is roi By Robyn James Roussillon has been the redheaded stepchild of the French wine country for many years, a fact that is slowly changing due to the [...]

Rising from the Ashes

Things Old Photo Specialists lost — and found — in the fire By Billy Ingram   •   Photographs by John Gessner   Just as the bottom was falling out of the commercial photography business, Bill [...]

The Breakfast Club

Every Wednesday morning at Tex & Shirley’s, fellowship and photography are served over easy By Jim Dodson On a drizzly late winter morning, a lively buzz of voices flows from the rear dining [...]


Harbinger of Spring The blue-gray gnatcatcher heralds the seasonal migration in Central N.C. By Susan Campbell It wonít be much longer . . . the wheezy calls from blue-gray gnatcatchers will soon [...]

The Lives of Others

Echoes of the past in a College Hill treasure By Nancy Oakley   •   Photographs By Amy Freeman The past, as William Faulkner once famously wrote, “is never dead. It’s not even past.” And no one [...]

Short Stories

Waggin’ Train Crazy for canines? Then grab the kiddies and — heh — paws to check out UNCG’s North Carolina Theater for Young People’s production of Go, Dog, Go! March 21–26 at Taylor [...]

The Omnivorous Reader

Trail of Tears The sorrowful history of Western expansion By Stephen E. Smith During the early-to mid-19th century, an unknown Native American warrior documented his life in pictographs on a [...]

True South

A Sorry Yardstick Regrets? I’ve had a few . . . By Susan Kelly Say what you want about the Golden Rule and its cousin, WWJD; file away Ann Landers’ famous chestnut, “Are you better off with or [...]

Simple Life

Sunday Man ’twixt Heaven and Earth By Jim Dodson Itís Sunday morning in the kitchen, two hours before the sunrise. A welcome silence fills the house, and at this hour I often hear a still, small [...]

The Glory of Guilford

The largest and most fiercely contested battle of the Revolutionary War’s Southern Campaign was fought in the small North Carolina hamlet of Guilford Courthouse. Almost 4,500 American militia and [...]

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