O.Henry Ending

Daddy Diaries Fatherhood Day #960: Today I got popped     By Josephus Thompson III I don’t know if you have ever been popped in the mouth by a 2-year-old, but today was my day. My wife [...]

Almanac June

By Ashley Wahl June is a waking dream, a dreamy wakefulness — a dream within a dream.  Beneath the ancient magnolia, where the earth is cool as a stream and filtered light flickers across your [...]

Home, Naturally 

Lightness of being and a sense of gratitude By Cynthia Adams Photographs by Stacey Van Berkel   When an apparel executive and his artistic wife first weighed a career move from the Chicago area [...]

Fairy Lands of North Carolina

Those with “the Sight” claim there are wee folk among us. Do you believe? By John Hood   •   Illustration by Harry Blair   That rock in the river was a big one. Big enough to sit on. That’s [...]

Muses of the Gate City

Nine divinely inspired humans who live, breathe and encourage creative compassion in Greensboro    By the Muses of O.Henry   •   Photographs By Amy Freeman   In Greek Mythology, the Muses [...]


Butterfly Lexicon Sometimes I see a nimbus of butterflies other times they’re just a puzzle or a tarradiddle to my eyes. Would you look at that quandary of butterflies? I ask a stranger, or do [...]

Wandering Billy

Hat’s Off to the Chefs Seriously. I’d be lost (and uninspired) without them   By Billy Eye I was eating in a Chinese restaurant downtown. There was a dish called Mother and Child Reunion. [...]


Hidden in Plain Sight The secretive and elusive Eastern meadowlark   By Susan Campbell Larks? Here in central North Carolina? Yes, indeed! But few folks are likely to notice them. Even [...]

Note from the Hills

Posing for Daingerfield Up in Blowing Rock, the spirit of a prolific painter still resides at Edgewood Cottage    By Ross Howell Jr. On a mild evening in Blowing Rock, where I spend the [...]

Home by Design

Ralph in the House (And other hauntings)    By Cynthia Adams This house sheltered us, we spoke, we loved within those walls. That was yesterday. Today we pass on, we see it no more, and we [...]

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