Bird on a Wire Meet “the other bluebird,” the indigo bunting   By Susan Campbell “What, what? See it, see it! Here, here!!” Where? It’s a bird: high up on a power line singing incessantly, [...]

Stay-At-Home Improvement

Minus social dates, many folks updated their digs during COVID-19 closures By Maria Johnson   •   Photographs by Amy Freeman     Every time one door closes during a pandemic, another [...]

Simply Summer

Seven local chefs serve up easy-to-prepare courses for seasonal eating By Maria Johnson   Feeling the heat of summer? It’s a good time to head for the kitchen and KISS: Keep It Small and [...]

Simple Life

The Stolen Flower Child Love, loss and living things   By Jim Dodson On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a clear spring morning in my tiny corner of the planet, I was out early planting a [...]

Short Stories

***Given the unusual circumstances currently facing all events and their organizations, anyone planning to attend any program, gathering or competition should check in advance to make certain it [...]

A Visual Feast

Area artists serve up a smorgasbord of food-inspired works   We eat with our eyes, the old maxim goes. For visual artists, truer words were never spoken. And what better muse for the visual [...]

The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of

Fantasy houses near and far By Cynthia Adams Illustration by Harry Blair   When I asked a wise and close friend who had just bought a townhouse whether she’s found her dream house, she [...]

The Omnivorous Reader

An Honest Day’s Storytelling Finding truth in Lee Smith’s fiction and nonfiction   By D.G. Martin Some North Carolina writers say that it is easier for them to tell the truth in fiction than [...]

Life’s Funny

A Dirty Little Secret Navigating the plant-emic   By Maria Johnson It started as a joke. Sort of. Faced with lots of time together this past spring, my husband and I decided to build a [...]

June 2020 Almanac

By Ash Alder   June is the ink that flows from the poet’s pen — sweet as gardenia and ephemeral as a dream; the fountain of everlasting passion. If ever you have read the love letters from [...]

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