Simple Life

“The Cocktail Cat” The spirit of a roaming feline By Jim Dodson I have a friend who never fails to show up at cocktail time. Wherever he’s been, whatever he’s been up to all day, he appears like [...]


July Books Compiled by Shannon Purdy Jones It comes out of nowhere. You’re shuffling through the workday. Doing the dishes. In general, life is going well. But still there’s that tug. It pulls at [...]

Chicken 101

With a wing and a prayer, you too can become a chicken tender By David Claude Bailey Photographs by Amy Freeman & Randall Dawson So you think you want chickens? So did we years ago when we [...]

Man, Dog & Photog

A 17-year-old uses a Nikon to explore the connection between people and pups By Cassie Bustamante   •   Photographs by Evan Harris Over the years, 17-year-old Evan Harris has received gifts from [...]

The Creators of N.C.

From Loft to Launch Mark Bayne sends his works to sea By Wiley Cash Photographs by Mallory Cash Master shipwright Mark Bayne is standing in an open bay at the workshop where he has been teaching [...]

Love in Bloom

Dewberry Farm, a beautiful place for new beginnings By Ross Howell Jr. Photographs by Lynn Donovan           Wendi and Art Johnson are the owners of Dewberry Farm, a private farmhouse in [...]

Wandering Billy

True Kid Rock The band that even makes the mamas and papas very happy By Billy [Eye] Ingram What is a home without children? Quiet.” — Henry Youngman Eye had the distinct pleasure to talk music [...]

Tea Leaf Astrologer

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) If ever you’ve ridden a drop tower — one of those gut-in-your-throat “free fall” rides at the carnival — then you can imagine what it feels like to know and love a [...]

Art of the State

Super Natural Davidson artist Elizabeth Bradford celebrates the beauty of the wild By Liza Roberts Photograph By Lissa Gotwals In a former cotton shed in Mecklenburg County, Elizabeth Bradford [...]

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