O. Henry Ending

Beach Savvy I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in, but I found my place   By Nelda Howell Lockamy In the fall of ’65, I arrived farm fresh on the campus of App State, then called Appalachian State [...]

July Almanac 2021

By Ashley Wahl July spills her secrets to the night. At twilight, as the earth exhales the sun’s hot kiss, the parish of crickets chants glory to the rising moon and a softness spills across the [...]

Cheek to Cheek

Newly married, two young architects infuse their historic home with a fresh perspective By Cynthia Adams Photographs by Amy Freeman   For architects Brian and Casey Cheek, there’s no place [...]

Made in the Shade

As the heat of midsummer descends and blooms fade, these five leafy sanctuaries help their creators keep their cool By Jim Dodson   •   Photographs By Lynn Donovan     Oak Ridge [...]

Summertime Sips

Seven cooling cocktails crafted by the region’s top mixologists By Jason Oliver Nixon   •   Photographs by Amy Freeman     With the world quickly returning to normal — well, a new [...]

Poem July 2021

On an Okra Flower   A pollinating wasp sliding from white lip to purple darkness,  the shadow-heart so deep inside, the plant, itself, tall African in the kitchen garden’s last row, speaks [...]

Wandering Billy

Brunch Every Day Or at least every Sunday   By Billy Eye My weaknesses have always been food and men – in that order. — Dolly Parton   Sunday Brunch is back! Over the last month, the [...]


Taking the Plunge The belted kingfisher dives for prey   By Susan Campbell Often heard before they are seen, belted kingfishers are a year-round fixture here in central North Carolina. [...]

Home by Design

Malcolm and Me The road to Geekdom can be awfully lonely   By Cynthia Adams Malcolm Gladwell is a fearless geek. The bestselling author recently revealed that he is utterly fascinated by the [...]

Scuppernong Bookshelf

Taste of July A little bit of this and that   By Shannon Jones You’ll notice that this issue of O.Henry is packed with culinary delights and summer beverages. Since the scuppernong grape is [...]

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