Phone Home Downtown Greensboro’s Passport to Summer goes digital If your summer dreams include sampling Laotian food, tasting fine Italian wines or touring airy museums, maybe you want to skip [...]

O.Henry Ending

Wag More, Bark Less Happiness is a dog named Fritz By Brian Faulkner Illustration by Harry Blair My next door neighbor has a dog down the street. It’s not his dog, but the pup hasn’t figured that [...]

(Wo)man’s Search for Happiness

Oh, the lengths we’ll go to find — and keep it — for a little while By Cynthia Adams I’ve been on a quest about happiness for a long time. Not a project, not a preamble, just a working [...]

Simple Life

The Road to Happiness It’s an upward climb filled with twists and turns, but joy is in the journey By Jim Dodson A dear friend phoned the other day just to say hello, a gifted young poet I hired [...]

Wandering Billy

The Boys Of Summer Meet the chairmen of the boards of Greensboro’s skate parks and beyond By Billy Eye Photograph by Bry Seyez “A smile is the shortest distance between people.” — Victor Borge [...]

True South

Reminders A kind of grief By Susan S. Kelly This is the month that I turn 65. I suspect I’ll have a breakdown. I don’t put much store by birthdays typically. As a child, a July birthday meant [...]

The Omnivorous Reader

Ferlinghetti’s Torrent of Words Little Boy  offers little wisdom By Stephen E. Smith Here’s the theory: If a writer drags his audience into unknown intellectual territory — even if the journey’s [...]

For Love of Past Lives

For Steve Lynch, history is an everyday pleasure and privilege By Jim Dodson   •   Photographs by John Koob Gessner Not long ago, on a tip from a local historian, I called on a man named Steve [...]

July Almanac 2019

Snapshots from July are salt-laced and dreamy. Children skipping through sprinklers on the front lawn. Baskets of ripe peaches, still warm from the sun. Tree houses and tackle boxes. Tangles of [...]


Beak House This time of year sees a hot real estate market for house wrens By Susan Campbell Throughout the Piedmont and Sandhills, Carolina wrens are year-round residents easily recognized by [...]

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