Summer Boy The summer we were seventeen I watched you in the sun. Blond and blue Beside the pool Teasing girls you hardly knew. Jackknife off the high dive — Daring other golden guys. I watched. [...]

Life’s Funny

It’s a Dog Meet Dog World By Maria Johnson There are times, when you’re tromping around with Don Brown at his Siendo Farmstead in McLeansville, that you know he is talking about dogs, but [...]

Wandering Billy

Goodbye to a Grand Dame Martial arts, musical memories, and a shout out to a local birthday girl By Billy Eye “If a man dwells on the past, then he robs the present. But if a man ignores the [...]

In The Spirit

The Perfect Martini How to create — or botch — a great one By Tony Cross After closing, I rent out the kitchen at Nature’s Own to work on prepping and batching kegged cocktails. I get ideas just [...]


Strings of Desire EMF’s fifth annual Guitar Summit Young classical guitarists often discover their chosen profession comes with one major drawback. Because becoming proficient on your instrument [...]

Simple Life

Lulu and The Mull By Jim Dodson This is a story about two beautiful dogs, one that I’ve known for a decade, the other for less than an hour. One is my canine soul mate — my God Dog, as I think of [...]

Food for Thought

Pamlico Perfection There is no need for fancy cooking at the beach, especially when local shrimp are running By Jane Lear There is something freewheeling about beach house cookery. All the [...]

The Accidental Astrologer

Heavens Above! Action-packed planets rule the July Sky By Astrid Stellanova Mother Nature provides far more reasons than fireworks on the Fourth to look skyward, Star Children! Come July 15, a [...]

Rescue Me 

Rescue Me Lessons of fostering dogs in need of a home By Ross Howell Jr.   •   Photographs by Mark Wagoner The sisters — Laurel and Claire Holland — are teenagers now, but back when my wife, Mary [...]

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