Wandering Billy

Remembering Marion She never missed a beat. And I sure miss her   By Billy Eye Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet [...]

Home by Design

Between Worlds What’s in an entry hall? See for yourself   By Cynthia Adams Consider the entry hall. Really. The entry hall actually is a pretty big deal. Two hundred years ago, nobody would [...]

Life’s Funny

Streaming Consciousness When a little TV wisdom comes in handy  By Maria Johnson   Like many people coping with COVID restrictions, I’ve been watching more TV — especially series with [...]

O.Henry Ending

The Happy Hour On the balcony, overlooking the water’s edge, hope and friendship grow   By Cynthia Adams On recent coastal trips, we’ve noticed a complete turnover of residents in our [...]

January Almanac 2021

By Ashley Wahl January cold guides us inward. You find yourself studying your hands, quietly tracing the lines of your palms when, suddenly, there is movement in the periphery. A flash — and then [...]

Progressively Fresh

How one Greensboro couple went room to room with interior improvements By Maria Johnson   •   Photographs by Joey Seawell   Recent retirees Marnie and Jim Fenley wanted a designer’s help [...]

What We’re Made Of

While researching her own family narrative, author Shonda Buchanan uncovers pieces of a story that belong to all of us By Virginia Holman   •   Photograph by Nathalie Gordon   “Where do you [...]

The Memory Keeper

A photographer’s journey through cameras Story & Photographs by Mark Wagoner   Photographer Mark Wagoner’s origin story is one of seduction. In the early 1960s, when Mark was 4 or 5 [...]

The Blank Canvas

Three local artists share their radiant visions of hope for the New Year By Ashley Wahl   •   Photographs by Bert VanderVeen   Our thoughts create our reality.    Mystics and writers have [...]

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