Almanac February 21

February is the space between the darkest hour and the earliest light. A paper-thin sliver of silver moon. A sensuous world of deep silence. High in the towering pine, a pair of great horned owls [...]

Life’s Funny

Streaming Consciousness When a little TV wisdom comes in handy  By Maria Johnson Like many people coping with COVID restrictions, I’ve been watching more TV — especially series with episodes that [...]

O.Henry Ending

Never Arrive at the Funeral Home Late A broken rule and a lesson on love and understanding   By Katherine Snow Smith I watched from the second-to-last basement stair, which was covered in [...]

Labor of Love

The historic T. Austin Finch House blushes anew By Cynthia Adams   Today, Thomasville’s Renaissance Revival mansion of the T. Austin Finch house is a favorite photo location for blushing [...]

On the Border

By Mélina Mangal   Illustrations by Harry Blair   First time I saw it, I knew right away it was hurt. Else it would’ve flown away like any other sensible bird when it seen me coming with the [...]

Cuckoo for Cocoa

Custom chocolates sweeten the deal in downtown Gibsonville By Maria Johnson   •   Photographs by Amy Freeman Relax, last-minute lovers. Debbie Stephens, the owner of Once Upon a Chocolate in [...]

February Poem

Greyhound Every year for one summer week we fled city concrete, our skinned and scarred bony legs climbing steel bus steps. Our mother shaking her head at the zoomorphic use of a racing dog she [...]

Wandering Billy

Remembering Marion She never missed a beat. And I sure miss her   By Billy Eye Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet [...]


Unexpected Guests The red crossbill makes an appearance   By Susan Campbell This winter has been quite a season for birders across the Eastern United States. Here in North Carolina, it has [...]

The Pleasures of Life Dept.

Good Gravy The hot and heavy love affair that keeps me coming back for more   By David Claude Bailey My father said he couldn’t wait to go to heaven. He’d heard that everything there came [...]

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