Remembrance of Things Past Old-fashioned bleeding heart By Ross Howell Jr. A heart shape signifying romantic love was already a popular symbol on Valentine’s Day cards way back in 1846, when [...]

Home Grown

Mama Buys a Horse To have and to hold the reins By Cynthia Adams After decades of a volatile marriage, Mama had had enough. Their Richard Burton/Liz Taylor stalemates were nuclear — often ending [...]

Omnivorous Reader

Hitting the High Notes A debut novel delivers a musical thriller By Anne Blythe Brendan Slocumb’s literary debut, The Violin Conspiracy has been billed as a mystery, a musical thriller that takes [...]

Sazerac February 2023

Scene & Heard Wednesday Night Blues Jam at Ritchy’s Uptown Restaurant and Bar is fast becoming the place to be. Hosted by Shiela Klinefelter, an accomplished bass player and vocalist [...]

O.Henry Ending

Halfway And Home “Making a life around here” By John Adamcik “He ain’t from around here,” my new friend said as she introduced me to others.  Although it’s been over 10 years, I remember her [...]

Wandering Billy

12 Cent Dreams Remembering a local legend in ink By Billy Ingram “Comic books helped me to define myself and my world in a way that made both far less frightening. I honestly cannot imagine how I [...]

Tea Leaf Astrologer

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) You’ve heard the tale of the two wolves, right? The good wolf and the bad wolf at battle within each of us? The one you feed is the one who wins. This wisdom [...]


The Eagles Have Landed America’s bird is on the rebound By Susan Campbell Anyone who has had the good fortune to spot a bald eagle, whether soaring overhead or perched along a waterway, cannot [...]

Life’s Funny

HOT DOG! Our intrepid reporter goes for a whirl in the Wienermobile It was the perfect evening for a winter festival. The air was pleasantly chilly — or perhaps I should say chili — and spiked [...]

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