O.Henry Ending

Listening with Your Heart What my dad — and my dog — taught me   By James Colasanti Jr. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, largely because of my childhood memories involving dogs. I [...]

Quirky Holidays

At the Harwood home, more is more By Cynthia Adams   •   Photographs By Amy Freeman   Before the first hint of the holiday season — and yes, even before Thanksgiving — collector and antique [...]

Charmed, I’m Sure

For five local women, their jewelry tells the story of their lives By Katherine Snow Smith   •   Photographs by Mark Wagoner   A baby boy. A chance meeting. A summer job. A new home. A [...]

Poem December 21

WET CHRISTMAS for Richard Hood I’m cooking a pizza in the oven. Every bit of steam’s frolicking. Snug on my high bed, the sheets listen. From dawn to dusk the barnyard lights glisten When I [...]

Wandering Billy

Jewels at The Crown Do you hear what I hear? A night of live music sure to spellbind   By Billy Eye Without music, life would be a mistake. — Friedrich Nietzsche Hey, I love Christmas as [...]


A Tree of Delights Decorating can be for the birds, too   By Susan Campbell This season, why not create a gift for your feathered friends and consider “decorating” a holiday tree just for [...]

The Pleasures of Life Dept.

O Christmas Tree Poor, rusted Christmas tree   By Ruth Moose When water is up to your waist, the last thing you think about is Christmas. And certainly not Christmas trees. You rescue what [...]

Featured Artist

Rock On Artist Viktoriya Saltzman’s painted path to freedom     By Maria Johnson Viktoriya Saltzman touches time-worn river rock with a needle-sharp brush, transferring beads of [...]

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