Almanac December 2020

Almanac By Ash Alder December is here and, with it, the sound of a single cricket. One distant, mechanical song. A message transmitted across space and time. The stars are out. You cannot sleep. [...]

O.Henry Ending

The Rebel in Me A gourmet’s shameless confession   By David Claude Bailey Whenever, as a teenager, I would do something that was beyond stupid, as in outright illegal, like seeing if our [...]

Christmas on Tate

It’s cozy, over the top and perfectly holly jolly By Cynthia Adams   •   Photographs by Amy Freeman   Grumps and Grinches beware. To enter Katrina and Nat Hayes’ College Hill bungalow is to [...]

The Creators of NC

Art in Service Rosalia Torres-Weiner’s flowers blossom By Wiley Cash Photographs by Mallory Cash   People begin arriving at 2 p.m. sharp on a Saturday afternoon at the Compare Foods [...]

The Elf Doctor

Dr. Kimberlee D. Shaw prescribes a little comic relief to cure the pandemic blues  By Cynthia Adams   •   Photographs by Bert VanderVeen   With a languorous stretch and neck roll, Dr. [...]

All Squared Away

Barn quilts that blanket the landscape By Maria Johnson   •   Photographs By Lynn Donovan We know you’re tired of scandals and lies, but we think you deserve to know the truth about barn quilts. [...]

Prayers of the People

Photographs by Lynn Donovan Not every prayer is formal or religious. Many are not. Bestselling author Anne Lamott wrote Help, Thanks, Wow as a reminder that, yep, a prayer can be as simple as one [...]

Poem December 2020

Worksock If I could round up stockings I’d take all the holey ones from Mama’s box of sewings, My father’s, first, the heel ragged as a monkey’s face. I’d hang that sock again for him And pray [...]

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