Life’s Funny

The Giving Tree The arms of an old magnolia take a young reader to new heights By Maria Johnson When a fellow book lover like Renee Lewis invites you up to see her favorite reading spot, you go. [...]

Home Grown

Pop-Tarts for Turfnauts The Space Age breakfast pastry continues to orbit By Cynthia Adams Jerry Seinfeld is making a movie about Pop-Tarts. What took him so long? Since they first hit grocery [...]


Nighthawks But not the Edward Hopper kind By Susan Campbell The common nighthawk is neither “common” nor a “hawk.” Found in the Sandhills and Piedmont of North Carolina, these large birds feed [...]

Gate City Journal

Wednesday Afternoon Book Club One of Greensboro’s oldest book clubs is still going strong today The year 1897 was a pretty big year in America. Thomas Edison perfected his kinetograph camera, [...]

Lavender Field of Dreams

Follow your nose to Red Feather Ranch By Cynthia Adams   •   Photographs by Amy Freeman     “Sweat is nearly as wonderful as the smell of lavender,” claims Dianne Reganess, who presides over Red [...]

Romantic Fever

Fiction by Lee Smith   •   Illustrations by Matthew Shipley The house I grew up in was one of a row of houses strung along a narrow river bottom like a string of beads. We were not allowed to [...]

Summer Reading Issue 2022

William Faulkner invented Yoknapatawpha County as a place for his imagination to live, and every Southern writer knew where it was, even if it wasn’t on any map. Ernest Hemingway loaded his [...]

Art of the State

Into Being Painter Herb Jackson creates meticulous, vibrant abstracts By Liza Roberts “I don’t want you to know how I work unless I tell you, because I want it to seem spontaneous,” says Herb [...]

Wild Women

A watery excursion, a strawberry moon and a seed of growth By Maria Johnson   •   Photographs by Jo Proia If we’re lucky, we’ll get to see a strawberry moon tonight. “Does anybody know why it’s [...]

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