Going Native Be kind to our feathered friends by gardening with local plant species   By Susan Campbell During these dog days of summer, if you are looking for a reason to shirk tasks such [...]

True South

Climbing the Ladder Summer jobs are the bottom rung   By Susan S. Kelly It’s August. How’s that summer job going for your prodigal son and daughter? You know, the fancy-pants NYC internship [...]


Summer Daze When being outdoors was a terrifying adventure   By Clyde Edgerton It was a hot summer day. 1951. In my memories of my seventh year, all summer days were hot ones, calling for me [...]

O.Henry Ending

Ready for Rhyme Time And waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting . . . By Nancy Oakley Call me a philistine, but I’m a sucker for rhyme. My penchant for verse  — perverse, some would say — [...]


Wordplay August brings some entertaining reads about writing, language and believe it or not, punctuation   Compiled by Brian Lampkin While it might seem obvious to say, the simple fact is [...]

Simple Life

The Reluctant Pilgrim   By Jim Dodson Two decades ago, on the eve of the new millennium, the acclaimed Cambridge biologist Rupert Sheldrake was asked what single change in human behavior [...]


A Musical Walk in the Park Approaching its fourth decade, MUSEP is proof that some things get better with age   For the last four decades, a Sunday stroll in the park for Greensboro [...]

Gate City Journal

Extra, Extra, Read All About It! While most journalists struggle, Sally Nagappan has found a niche   By Maria Johnson Like most writers, Sally Nagappan is curious. She asks a lot of [...]


2019 Summer Reading Issue Well-Versed A pocketful of poets & photographers reflect on summer Ask a poet to show you a glimpse of summer and they will not give you words on a page. “OK,” they [...]

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