O.Henry Ending

The Fitter Down to the (under)wire By Valerie Nieman Gentlemen, avert your eyes from the area beneath those lavender walls. Safer not to approach the temple of the mysteries. Just consider [...]

True South

Git-R-Done And in record time, to boot By Susan S. Kelly My sister thinks I’m OCD, but it’s not that at all. Now, I’ll admit to, in my young mother days, putting a notepad at the top of the steps [...]

The Accidental Astrologer

Cat’s-paws, Cat’s Meows and Mixed Nuts In the height of Leo season, August brings a little bit of everything By Astrid Stellanova August birthdays for Leo and Virgo are something [...]

The Omnivorous Reader

Chang and Eng Legendary twins who called North Carolina home By D. G. Martin If I asked you to name our state’s best-known citizen, living or dead, who comes to mind? What if I said to think of [...]

Wandering Billy

Hip to Be Square O.Henry Square continues to thrive By Billy Eye “A hick town is one in which there is no place to go where you shouldn’t be.” — Alexander Woolcott The point at which Bellemeade [...]

The Literary Beat

The Book Lover The American Library Association taps Triad local Wanda Brown as its next president By Cynthia Adams Wanda Brown, recently installed president-elect of the American Library [...]

In The Spirit

Spa Water with a Kick A flavored gem from Durham Distillery By Tony Cross In the past, I’ve complained about North Carolina ABC stores rolling out the red carpet for copious bottles of flavored [...]


Summertime Blues Late summer brings the arrival of the little blue heron By Susan Campbell Late summer can be an especially exciting time for those of us who are birders. We need not travel far [...]

Simple Life

Last Days of the Yard King A final summer of innocence is shelter from the storm By Jim Dodson That July I owned the neighborhood. Or at least my block. It was 1968. I was 15, towing a wheezing [...]

Poem: August 2018

Buttercups Let loose in the pasture, bays, chestnuts, grays, and paints graze beneath blue skies, their coats shining like copper pots. And scattered around their feet, creeping buttercups, [...]

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