Summer Well Must reading for your craft cocktail enjoyment By Tony Cross The craft cocktail movement has been in full effect for well over a decade now, and Moscow Mules are a thing. I had no [...]

Vine Wisdom

Arneis the Alternative The “Little Rascal” of summer wines By Robyn James Whenever we enter the dog days of summer, the search is on for refreshing whites to quench your thirst and complement [...]


Shock and Awe The mesmerizing talent of guitar virtuoso Eric Gales In 2012, Memphis,Tennessee, native Eric Gales was one of the headliners at the Carolina Blues Festival in Greensboro. It so [...]


Dawn Patrol Look for the common nighthawk at sunup or sundown By Susan Campbell Common nighthawks can be found all across the Sandhills and throughout Piedmont North Carolina, but they are [...]

Story of a House

Towering Success A noble transformation for The Castle By Maria Johnson   •   photographs by Amy Freeman & Mekenzie Loli A book about a murder at 27 Flagship Cove threw a scare into [...]

The Evolving Species

Taking the Kure A writer remembers idyllic summers By Pamelia Barham Every now and then, when my spirits need a lift, I’ll buy a can of biscuits at the grocery store because they always bring a [...]

Pleasures of Life Dept.

All the Pretty Horses Jolly holidays on our regions local merry-go-rounds By Annie Ferguson It’s hard to deny the magical aura of carousels. Their sheer beauty and craftsmanship harken back [...]

The King of Burning Love

Elvis Presley’s love affair with the Gate City By Billy Ingram Elvis Aaron Presley sold more records than any other solo artist in history, a quarter billion at the time of his death at age 42. [...]

O.Henry Ending

Things That Go Burp in the Night Including iPads By David Claude Bailey Even in this hi-tech age of vigilant home security systems, things still go bump in the night. And what sound is more [...]

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