Simple Life

The View From a Begrudging Service Human By Jim Dodson Someone once told me the key to a long and happy life is understanding why you’re on this earth. I used to think it was to write books and [...]

Simple Life

The Roadshow Spending Time and Miles on the Backroads   By Jim Dodson Owing to heavy end-of-summer traffic, I took several back roads on a recent trip from Wilmington to Greensboro, and then [...]

Eye on GSO

Carrying Kevan  A different kind of musical journey By Billy Eye “When we are courageous and creative, the world becomes accessible.” – We Carry Kevan  In the September 2021 issue of O.Henry, Eye [...]

Simple Life

The Summer Itch By Jim Dodson The big story around our house this week was Man against Nature, or maybe Woman against Itch. Or maybe The Big Scratch. Whatever you call it, it started a few days [...]

Simple Life

Ceiling Fans and Feet Dancing By Jim Dodson Some years ago we moved into a historic  house loaded with charm and only one thing missing — air  conditioning. To be fair, the old place actually [...]

Current Mood

Very First Day Meeting Jen was a gift of a lifetime. May my daughter be so lucky on her first day of high school By Cassie Bustamante I’ll never forget the time I was vacuuming my staircase and [...]

Simple Life

July’s End Signals Turn Toward Fall By Jim Dodson Last year at this time, I told to my wife that next year I planned to spend the month of July either sitting in a volcanic fumarole [...]

Simple Life

Summer Evenings By Jim Dodson The best part of any summer day is evening. As the light expires and the heat of day yields to the cool of night, a kind of magic realism takes possession of the [...]

O.Henry Ending

The Short Cut Shorn but not forgotten By Cynthia Adams In the flush of youth, Don loved having  his thick hair tugged and pulled whenever watching one of his educational TV programs. As the [...]


Pileated Woodpecker The big, beautiful sovereigns of the forest are doing well in North Carolina By Susan Campbell One of the largest and most distinctive birds of the forest, the pileated [...]

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