Simple Life

July’s End Signals Turn Toward Fall By Jim Dodson Last year at this time, I told to my wife that next year I planned to spend the month of July either sitting in a volcanic fumarole [...]

Simple Life

Summer Evenings By Jim Dodson The best part of any summer day is evening. As the light expires and the heat of day yields to the cool of night, a kind of magic realism takes possession of the [...]

O.Henry Ending

The Short Cut Shorn but not forgotten By Cynthia Adams In the flush of youth, Don loved having  his thick hair tugged and pulled whenever watching one of his educational TV programs. As the [...]


Pileated Woodpecker The big, beautiful sovereigns of the forest are doing well in North Carolina By Susan Campbell One of the largest and most distinctive birds of the forest, the pileated [...]

Simple Life

‘Hurricane Jimmy’ Loses Steam, Gains Insight By Jim Dodson When I was a teenager, somewhere back in the late 1960s, I asked my Grandmother Taylor if she was afraid of dying. After [...]

Simple Life

Where the Mild Things Are By Jim Dodson These midsummer mornings are the ones I like best, the last cool, wet mornings in my garden before dawn, when plants are at their peak and months of toil [...]

Simple Life

Hat Trick Donning — and Doffing — the Right Topper By Jim Dodson The other afternoon, as the skies darkened and the winds sharpened their bite, I slipped into Belk in search of a belt and came [...]

Simple Life

Walter’s Wallet By Jim Dodson Not long ago, while cleaning out a desk drawer I should have cleaned out years ago, I found a simple but beautifully made full-grain leather breast pocket [...]

Eye on GSO

Let the Good Times Roll Music and other delights you ought to know about By Billy Eye With downtown rebounding, here are some good times Eye wanted to share with you. Local musical legend Matty [...]

Life’s Funny

Real Talk with Nurse Jaekle Chasing science with a shot of art By Maria Johnson Until earlier this year, it had been about 15 years since registered nurse Beth Jaekle had stuck a needle in [...]

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