March is a born artist, wide-eyed and unbridled, creating for the sake of life itself. The genius begins with a single daffodil, warm and bright, nodding in a stream of honeyed light. [...]


Nesting Season There’s no place like home By Susan Campbell It is almost that time again for our feathered friends: nesting season. Pairs of birds will team up to bring forth the next generation. [...]

We Are the Dreamers

The Gate City has positioned itself for a bright future By Ogi Overman Buckle up, buckaroos, it’s about to become boomtown around here. Or, we could call this burg Boomtown — as in Boom [...]

The Beat Goes On

From the Mountains to the Sea By David Menconi Type design by Keith Borshak   Map Illustration By Miranda Glyder   Springtime in North Carolina means college basketball madness, azaleas [...]

The Need for Shutter Speed

Bill Chandler’s wanderlust for classic automobiles turns into a creative hobby By Billy Ingram Feature Image: Toyota Supra 2019        Left: 1950 Aston Martin DB2 Middle: 1967 Corvette 427 Right: [...]

Wandering Billy

Grab Your Popcorn A locally produced WWII film hits the big screen By Billy Ingram “Strip away the phony tinsel of Hollywood and you’ll find the real tinsel underneath.”       — Oscar Levant Our [...]

O.Henry Ending

The Chili Queen The prize is in the pot! By Barbara Rosson Davis It has been widely reported that capsicum spices make one wickedly hot. Even dreams catch fire! Billy the Kid, a lover of chili, [...]

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory 101 An introduction By Cassie Bustamante Ever since I was a child, I’ve been enthralled by magazines. My parents gifted me my very first subscriptions — to Highlights and National [...]

Omnivorous Reader

Courage and Candor Daniel Wallace’s thought-provoking memoir By Stephen E. Smith If you read the promo material for Daniel Wallace’s new memoir, This Isn’t Going to End Well: The True Story of a [...]

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