Art of the State

Sacred FIGURES Cristina Córdova sculpts soulful, fantastic people from clay By Liza Roberts “I was always very creatively inclined, and very restless,” says sculptor Cristina Córdova, as she [...]

The Creators of N.C.

A Purpose-Driven Art Scott Avett follows the mystery By Wiley Cash Photographs By Mallory Cash For a man whose music I’ve been listening to for almost two decades and whose face I’ve seen [...]

Simple Life

Coach and The Bull: A Love Story The road less traveled to authordom By Jim Dodson Illustration by Gerry O’Neill Not long ago, following a speech to a historical organization in Georgia, I [...]

Wandering Billy

48 Hour Film Project Lights, Camera, Panic!   By Billy [Eye] Ingram “We’re a species that rushes through everything, then complains that time flies.”   —  Steve Maraboli I recall reading an [...]

O.Henry Ending

Good and Dead And totally down-to-earth Story and Photograph by Ashley Walshe Our neighbors are the best. They’re very quiet, very private — I’ve never actually seen them. But I should mention [...]

City House, Country House

How the Jacksons ended up with two old homes — and contentment By Ross Howell Jr. Photographs by Amy Freeman     On a summer evening, I’m sitting with my neighbors, Jane and Randy Jackson, in the [...]

Simple Abundance

A colorful and lush garden embodies the spirit of its gardener By Cynthia Adams   •   Photographs by Amy Freeman     Martha Yarborough has been up since 7 a.m., the thermostat hovering at 80 [...]

Home Grown

Picture This Adventures in leveling up a home   By Cynthia Adams As the homeowners run errands, a TV Land remodeling team sneaks in and transforms their grubby home. Junk is hurled out and [...]


By Ashley Walshe October is the wisdom weaver, spinning the invisible to light, capturing the ephemeral, then letting it all go — again and again. On this crisp autumn morning, waves of yellow [...]

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