O.Henry Ending

Joyful Expectations Art, like life, is in the eye of the beholder By Lindsay Moore “Well,” said Pooh, “what I like best,” and then he had to stop and think. Because although eating honey was a [...]

January Almanac 2022

January is a waltz between a warm den and the bleak and frigid landscape. Inside, movement is unhurried, ritualistic. The fire crackles. The gentle cadence of the cat lapping water is a dreamy [...]

The New Bohemians

Revitalizing a Tudor home with light and love By Cynthia Adam   •   Photographs by Amy Freeman A new chapter in an historic Sunset Hills home is being written by renovation warriors Adrienne [...]

Droll, Deft and Delightful

Marie Stone-van Vuuren colors her art with realism and wit By Maria Johnson How would a crow hold a cup of tea? Set aside, for a moment, the larger question of why a crow would hold a cup of tea. [...]

Head in The Clouds

A short oral history of Piedmont Airlines By Billy Ingram   Let’s face it. Commercial flying has devolved into traveling in a cloud-bound cattle car. Not only is there no decent cud to chew [...]

Poem January 2022

Against Desirelessness   The heart needs more than quiet, more than a home without desire. Sorry old masters, before I can let go, won’t I need to be holding on, refusing to let something [...]

Wandering Billy

A Star Is Born The rise and fall of State Street’s most beloved — and naughty — movie theater   By Billy Eye “I don’t take movies seriously and anyone who does is in for a headache.” — Bette [...]


Winter Waterbirds Coming in out of the cold   By Susan Campbell The arrival of cold weather in the Sandhills and Piedmont also means the arrival of waterfowl. Our local ponds and lakes are [...]

Weekend Away

Falling for Folly The Madcap Cottage gents decamp for a winter escape   By Jason Oliver Nixon There is something about a beach town after the season winds down, and the endless streams of [...]

Home by Design

Sugar Babies and Fireballs A serendipitous discovery, misinterpreted as theft   By Cynthia Adams I dove for the Atomic Fireball where I spied it, lying on the grocery store floor beneath a [...]

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