Southside Reimagined

Transforming Greensboro one office — and vision — at a time By Maria Johnson Photographs by Amy Freeman   Thirty-three-year-old Dan Brown, founder of one of Greensboro’s newest start-ups, [...]

Ten To One

A Visionary Perspective A lot can happen in 10 years. This city — and magazine — are living proof. Greensboro’s past and present have graced our pages over the last decade. Heading into our next [...]

O.Henry’s 10 for 10

Our 10-word short story winners   Back in January, we announced a short story contest in honor of our namesake, William Sydney Porter. As in, really short. “Tell us a story in 10 words,” we [...]

O.Henry About Town

Photographs By Lynn Donovan and Bert VanderVeen   The spirit of William Sydney Porter, aka O.Henry, is alive and well in the city he once called home. In fact, on a recent autumn morning, [...]

Poem November 2021

Quarantine Haircut   I’ve had hundreds of haircuts over the years but never one as intimate as the one Julie gave me yesterday, mid-quarantine, and my hair standing up and out of control and [...]

Wandering Billy

Content May be Graphic How discovering artist Christopher Williams was sort of a perk of the job   By Billy Eye Toward the end of middle school we went on a field trip to Virginia to go [...]


Turkey Time A surprisingly wily wild bird   By Susan Campbell Shorter days and cooler nights have many of us thinking about the holiday season. Thanksgiving is not that far off — and that [...]

Book Excerpt

Just Waiting for the Rain to Pass An excerpt from the N.C. Literary Hall-of-Famer’s new release   By Bland Simpson Once, after a walk up to some stores on the edge of the Greensboro [...]

Home by Design

Name Calling Garden hacks of a different nature   By Cynthia Adams My friend Pratt, choking back laughter, rings me up and tells me he created a monster. He is talking about his sister, [...]

Scuppernong Bookshelf

A Heaping Helping Giving thanks for this season’s bounty of new releases   Compiled by Shannon Purdy Jones It’s fitting that we’ll all gather together later this month to celebrate the [...]

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