The Card Carrying Southerner A mini-guide for those from someplace else By Nan Graham I was once asked to teach a class on how to be a Southerner. After picking myself off the floor and [...]

Simple Life

A Little Rain Must Fall, and It’s a Good Thing By Jim Dodson It’s raining this morning, a Sunday in April. Few things, meteorologically speaking, make me happier. Sunday is my favorite day, [...]

Notes from the Porch

A Port in the Storm A boy, a pony, an unforgettable image of peaceful friendship By Bill Thompson The overly pessimistic weather forecasters predicted that the “tropical depression” would “dump a [...]

Simple Life

April’s Aviary Remembering the Birds of Paradise By Jim Dodson Reprinted with permission from the April issue of PineStraw Magazine. Maybe T. S. Eliot had it right about April. It is the [...]

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