O.Henry Ending

Sew What If you’re looking for Suzy homemaker, keep looking     By Cynthia Adams Home Ec maven Mildred Green always wore sensible shoes with her pastel polyester ensembles. Her clipped [...]

April Almanac 2021

April is the earliest fawn, dewy eyed and trembling, landing in a world so soft and tender you can barely remember the deep silence, the bleak landscape, the icy ache of winter. The nectar of [...]

Devotion in Motion

One native plant at a time. That’s how Root & Branch Gardens’ Steve Windham is helping to restore our ecosystem By Ross Howell Jr.     Sitting on his Wharton Street front porch, [...]

It’s a Blog’s Life

Social media maven René Zieg shares her flare By Maria Johnson   •   Photographs by Amy Freeman     If you drove by René Zieg’s home, a cream-colored bungalow distinguished by a heavy [...]

Queen of DIY

How stay-at-home mom Ursula Carmona became a media sensation (Hint: She did it herself) By Cynthia Adams     Nine years ago, Ursula Carmona typed out her manifesto: “I’m a DIY junkie,” [...]

Poem April 2021

Beige Wall Telephone, 1960s   To you who have never known what it is to be tethered      to the family’s one phone by a corkscrew cord           filthied by idle fingers twisting it as we [...]

Wandering Billy

Ghost of a Place What life was like for German POWs in Greensboro     By Billy Eye I never felt like a free man until I was a prisoner in your country. — Unknown former German POW In [...]


The Delightful, Delectable Tulip And why I really am my wife’s hero     By Ross Howell Jr. My wife Mary Leigh’s favorite flower is the tulip. That makes life simple for me, as a [...]


Ruby Ready Ladies and gentlemen, start your feeders     By Susan Campbell It’s that time, folks! North Carolina’s smallest bird, those winged jewels that have spent the winter in the [...]

Life of Jane

Basket Case Beware of Easter bunnies – and babies – bearing gifts By Jane Borden In spite of enjoying idyllic Easter traditions in my youth — picking flowers from our yard for the wire-mesh cross [...]

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