O.Henry Ending

The Fish Bone Or, one of the most embarrassing nights ever   By Cynthia Adams As a coastal weekend drew to an end, we stopped at Sandy’s, a fishmonger in Southport. With cruelly blue skies [...]

March Almanac 2021

March Almanac By Ashley Wahl   March is as harsh as it is hopeful. The earth is aflame with tender new grasses. Dead-nettle spills across the lawn like a sea of purple kisses. The birds are [...]

Paradise Found

Paradise Found How a funky house on Lake Jeanette became a fortuitous vision By Ashley Wahl  Photographs by Amy Freeman   Plan all you want, but life has a way of leading you where you were [...]

Our Crown Jewel

Our Crown Jewel The evolving history of Greensboro’s Country Park   By Billy Ingram I exit the cockpit of a F2H Banshee Navy fighter jet, walk past the 20 mm cannons mounted on the fuselage [...]

The Wonder of Color

The Wonder of Color Piedmont Photography Club delivers the whole, glorious spectrum By Maria Johnson     Let us take a moment — here in this month of mud, bluster and bursting forth — [...]

Poem March 21

Pairing Mantids   He has only one job to do. And she, with her hunger, her need to feed the future without him by consuming him, has a lot to get done before winter. His head tilts slightly, [...]

Wandering Billy

Adventures in Television How a hat and a T-shirt accidentally changed everything for a young Greensboro comedian   By Billy Eye Television is an invention that permits you to be entertained [...]


Hardy Hummers Rufous hummingbirds are midwinter guests   By Susan Campbell It may sound odd, but this is a good time to talk about hummingbirds. I have been fielding reports of these tiny, [...]


Lenten Rose A Winter Blessing   By Ross Howell Jr. Not long ago, my sister, Becky DeHaven, introduced me to Lenten roses by giving me some. Becky has a natural-born curiosity about plants. [...]

Food for Thought

The Soup Swap It couldn’t be easier to share a warm meal with friends   By Bridgette A. Lacy Southerners are known for their cookie swaps, but why not swap soup? I fell in love with homemade [...]

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