Eye on GSO

By Billy Eye “The fine arts are five in number, namely: painting, sculpture, poetry, music, and architecture, the principal branch of the latter being pastry.” — Marie-Antoine Careme [...]

Simple Life

About Time By Jim Dodson A while back, my beloved wristwatch of many years mysteriously disappeared. On one level, the loss wasn’t such a big a deal. It was, after all, an inexpensive wristwatch [...]

Simple Life

The Definition of Home By Jim Dodson   Not long ago I realized that this is our fourth summer in the old Corry house, the charming midcentury bungalow my wife and I purchased in October of [...]

High Browsing

What the Deuce? by Nancy Oakley Play the hand you’re dealt, the old saying goes. But sometimes the deck is stacked against you, as Italian Baroque master Caravaggio suggests in his iconic [...]

Shaken and Stir Crazy

Will to Drink by David Bailey     Will Porter, I’m convinced, would love this magazine, and not only for its superb poetry and fiction and the inside scoop on his native Greensboro. No, [...]

Simple Life

Last Days of the Yard King By Jim Dodson   That July I owned the neighborhood. Or at least my block in Starmount Forest. It was 1968. I was 15, towing an aging Lawnboy push mower behind a [...]

Simply Summer

Seven local chefs serve up easy-to-prepare courses for seasonal eating By Maria Johnson   Feeling the heat of summer? It’s a good time to head for the kitchen and KISS: Keep It Small and [...]

Simple Life

The Stolen Flower Child Love, loss and living things   By Jim Dodson On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a clear spring morning in my tiny corner of the planet, I was out early planting a [...]

Short Stories

***Given the unusual circumstances currently facing all events and their organizations, anyone planning to attend any program, gathering or competition should check in advance to make certain it [...]

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