Eye on GSO

Beep Beep! Our Covid Park Side Game by Cynthia Adams   In recent months, the usually subdued Latham Park isn’t. Turns out, one of the positives of a state- and city-wide lock down is seeing [...]

The Simple Life

The Great Road Wagon by Jim Dodson     I call her The Pearl. She’s a 1996 vintage Buick Roadmaster Grand Estate station wagon – a true American land yacht with fake wood siding and a [...]

Party Line

Make mine a double with a Splash of Geritol! By Annie Gray Sprunt “Call Dickie Andrews! Call Dickie Andrews!” was the early morning mantra of my grandfather for the last several years of his [...]

‘Hood Winks

In Praise of Mrs. Kravitz She saw everything in the neighborhood — thankfully By Nancy Oakley She wryly calls herself “Mrs. Kravitz,” after the busy-body character from the 1960s television [...]

Eye on GSO

by Billy Eye   Restaurants that were previously closed are reopening all over Downtown Greensboro. There’s even a new kid in the heart of Hamburger Square. Last week, Crafted: Art of [...]

Simple Life

The Stuffed Potatoes By Jim Dodson Two or three times a month, we meet for lunch at a quiet bar of a local restaurant. We catch up on news and work, talk about books we are reading and swap tales [...]

Simple Life

Rainy Sundays By Jim Dodson   It’s raining this morning, a Sunday in early May. Few things, meteorologically speaking, make me happier. To begin with, Sunday is my favorite day. Also, soft rain [...]

High Browsing

Art Lives Here For Center for Visual Artists, the show must go on By Maria Johnson Fine art venues have been up against some blank walls with social distancing born of coronavirus, so the Center [...]

The Snoopy Gardener

Take a tour of a Greensboro garden with Jim Dodson, O.Henry editor and best-selling author. Jim welcomes you to his home where he talks plants and future plans.    

Simple Life

by Jim Dodson   With graduation season upon us, here’s a letter I wrote to my son, Jack, eight years ago this week, upon his graduation from Elon University. My nickname for Jack was “Nibs.” [...]

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