Food for Thought

A Springtime Soup Simple. Seasonal. And richly satisfying.   By Jane Lear Some soups require a lengthy list of ingredients and plenty of time on the back burner; they are worth preparing in [...]

Simple Life

Life In the Slow Lanes In praise of the snail’s pace   By Jim Dodson The TED Radio Hour recently hosted a fascinating program devoted to the art of slowing down. The program began with a [...]

Four-Leaf Clover Rag

How JoAnn and Bill Owings became guardians of a proud Triad legacy By Nancy Oakley   •   Photographs by Amy Freeman The view from the front porch, revealing a graceful fountain in the side yard, [...]

Scuppernong Bookshelf

Greensboro Bound Literary Festival Year Three Fred Chappell, Lee Smith are among the literary lights who will shine in the Gate City’s celebration of letters   By Brian Lampkin In 2018, a [...]

O.Henry Ending

The Borrowers Old or new, houses are fleeting things By Cynthia Adams In the children’s fantasy novel The Borrowers, charming tiny people named Arriety, Pod and Homily Clock, inhabit the hidden [...]

Last Laughs

Just in time for April Fool’s Day, our naturally funny correspondent takes a look at the past, present and future of comedy in the Gate City By Billy Ingram   •   Photographs by Sam Froelich Have [...]

True South

Fixer Upper Or maybe just sit this one out   By Susan S. Kelly Not long ago, I spent six weeks in various casts and splints and slings and supports after surgery to attach seven screws and a [...]


Herb-An Sprawl Greensboro’s popular herb sale transplants to downtown digs   It was thyme for a change. A few years ago, a thriving patch of herb enthusiasts — the Greensboro-based North [...]

The Shimmering Art of Louis C. Tiffany

Classic lamps on display at Reynolda House By Jim Moriarty While on one hand it could seem as though Louis Comfort Tiffany was born with a silver glasscutter in his mouth, the son of the founder [...]

Wandering Billy

Judy (and Eloise) in Greensboro  One week after performing in Greensboro, Judy Garland finally made it over the rainbow By Billy Eye “Kay is my best critic and severest friend.” — Judy Garland [...]

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