The Omnivorous Reader

A Haunting Tune A country music star’s harrowing memoir By Stephen E. Smith If a memoirist’s job is to make sense of the raw, shifting facts of the past in order to instruct the future, country [...]

The Accidental Astrologer

Guts, Game and the Good Life Virgos have it all   By Astrid Stellanova By September, ole summertime holds on like the last drop of sweat.  September-born Virgo children have guts and game — [...]

– The Neighborhood Where You Live –

Porch Rockin’ The sweet sounds of the Dunleath Porchfest create community By Ross Howell Jr.   •   Photographs by Lynn Donovan For an early June afternoon it’s hot and the air is heavy. Though [...]

Simple Life

The World After Rain A good soak is the gift that keeps on giving   By Jim Dodson Every year about this time, as another summer’s lease expires, I remark to anyone who will listen (i.e. [...]

Wandering Billy

Jack Murphy’s Law Breaking the rules is the former radio personality’s rule of success     By Billy Eye “Radio is theater of the mind; television is theater of the mindless.” — [...]

Life’s Funny

Nailing It How one student builds on kindness and encouragement   By Maria Johnson When shoppers inspect the wooden outdoor furniture at a special sale this month at Habitat for Humanity’s [...]


The Greatest Show on Turf NC Folk Fest promises another stellar lineup     The Greatest Show on Earth won’t be coming to town anymore. No more plodding pachyderms leading a ponderous [...]

True South

Vacay Days Haze How to refine relaxing   By Susan S. Kelly But deep down, though, aren’t you glad it’s over? Not summer, no — the temps, the tomatoes, the twilights. The rum drinks and rose [...]

September 2019

The Sound of You This morning I wake to music, the sound of the cat lapping water from the glass on my nightstand, and wish I could capture the softness with words. The 1-2-3 rhythm sends me [...]

Sporting Life

Remembering a Hero A cabin, a pack of Red Man and a distant war   By Tom Bryant Sometimes fall has a way of sneaking up right in the middle of summer, or maybe it just seems like it. That’s [...]

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