Simple Life

Confessions of a Happy Old Guy And the joys of life in the slow lane By Jim Dodson A close colleague needed to speak in confidence the other day. She looked so serious. “I don’t know how to tell [...]

Scuppernong Bookshelf

Blair Fare Thanks to Carolina Wren Press, veteran N.C. publisher John F. Blair finds an owner, adopts a new name and offers up several new releases Compiled by Brian Lampkin Some big-name writers [...]

Life’s Funny

Crying Time The art of pre-infant bonding By Maria Johnson Dear Future Grandchild, I realize it’s brazen of me to write this directly to you because — as far as I know from both of my unmarried [...]

O.Henry Ending

Nettleton Nightmare The nettlesome side of “Greensboro’s Shoe” By Charles A. Jones When I recently noticed my accountant was wearing non-Nettleton tassel loafers, I winced. In 2012, O.Henry [...]

Wandering Billy

Caps ’n’ Taps A different kind of brewing company serves up a sip of the past alongside current faves By Billy Eye “Everybody’s got to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another beer.” — [...]

Short Stories March ’19

Branching Out Help the Gate City keep another moniker, Tree City USA, as designated by the National Arbor Day Foundation. And you don’t have to, er, go out on a limb. Just join Greensboro [...]

Drinking with Writers

The Art of Civil Discourse A little healthy organic juicing with Rachel Lewis Hilburn By Wiley Cash   •   Photographs by Mallory Cash Last year I attended a literary event with some of the best [...]

Resonant Dwelling

Architect Michael Clapp’s poetic barn conversion in Whitsett By Cynthia Adams   •   Photographs by Amy Freeman Michael Clapp is living what he calls “the poetics of architecture.” His vision, [...]


Hum-dinger Greensboro Opera launches a new production in a new performance space We all know the story: A brother and sister lose their way in a forest and come upon a gingerbread house laden [...]

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