Stringmaster Terry Fritz’s stringed instruments are works of art Sometimes the road not taken takes awhile to find. In Terry Fritz’s case, it took him until middle age to veer off the beaten path [...]

Our Christmas Sing

Our Christmas Sing A tradition that measures the years By Margaret Maron   •   Illustrations by Laurel Holden John thought it was probably the Christmas of 1978. Scott said, “No, I think it was [...]

Scuppernong Bookshelf

Tomes and Tinsel This Yuletide season sees a bevy of new books and events for children Compiled by Brian Lampkin Bring on the holidays! This year, yes, this year, you’ll be ready before the [...]

Simple Life

Silent Nights Holding infinity in the palms of our hands By Jim Dodson When I was a kid, Christmas Eve couldn’t get here fast enough, the night I eagerly awaited all year. Mine was a visceral [...]

Life of Jane

A Gift to Be Simple When does Santa consciousness begin? By Jane Borden Santa Claus is like the measles vaccine: Even if you don’t want to expose it to your child, you must in order to protect [...]

Wandering Billy

Home for the Holidays With the help of Piedmont Airlines By Billy Eye “The man who has no imagination has no wings.” — Muhammad Ali I think back on Christmastime 1987 with great fondness. I was [...]

Short Stories

Top Brasserie ’Tis the season for giving, so why not give yourself a gift that keeps on giving — to others? When Chez Genèse opened in October in the antiques district on South Elm Street (for [...]

O.Henry Ending

Mom’s Cure for Christmasitis Real holiday page turners By Nancy Oakley When I was a child, Christmas always came late. Incredible as it seems in this age of ushering in the Yuletide season the [...]

POEM – December2018

Winter Solstice I dread dark-closet mornings, cold feet in sloughing slippers, thinning robes from Christmas past. I stumble, squint to find the switch that turns on a fluorescent dawn, wander to [...]


O, Tannen-Bird! The feisty red-breasted nuthatch flocks to North Carolina’s evergreens in winter By Susan Campbell Every few years, certain species of birds show up in the South when their food [...]

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