Wandering Billy

Greensboro’s War Effort Remnants of the ORD recall the Gate City’s role in World War II By Billy Eye “They’re Germans, don’t mention the war.” — Basil Fawlty Greensboro’s Army Air Forces base was [...]

Simple Life

A Beautiful Blue Marble Finding meaning in the universe, however large or small By Jim Dodson While digging out an old flower bed this summer I found, of all things, a beautiful blue marble [...]

Train Spotting

Train Spotting Mike Small’s photographs capture the romance of the rails By Billy Ingram  •  Photographs by Mike Small The soundtrack of the South is in the music of the rails; horns like a [...]

Scuppernong Bookshelf

Clubbin’ It! Favorite book club selections run the gamut of literary genres Compiled by Brian Lampkin We’re often asked here at Scuppernong Books for an updated list of the best book-club books. [...]

The Accidental Astrologer

Cool Temps, Hot Dishes September’s stars serve up a medley of sweet and sour Virgo (August 23–September 22) Sugar Lump, there was a time when you had less going for you than a scared Beagle in a [...]

In the Spirit

Three’s Company Three drinks, three ingredients By Tony Cross I asked a close friend the other day what I should write about in my next column. She replied, “Like, how to make a drink.” She’s [...]

O.Henry Ending

I’m With the Band For this drummer, the heartbeat of camaraderie goes on By David Claude Bailey On fall Fridays after I fired up the charcoal in our backyard in Sunset Hills, I’d sit and watch [...]

Papadaddy’s Mindfield

My New Food Home By Clyde Edgerton This is a story about a way to get healthier without medicine, through food. No, don’t stop reading, please. I had 20 migraines between October 2016 and April [...]


(Women’s) Clothes Make the Man An exhibit of fashion illustrations by Kenneth Paul Block lights up Alamance Arts The lines are swirling, approximating movement. The gaze is almost always distant, [...]

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