Feature Stories

Agent Of Change

How real estate ace Melissa Greer has made a space her own By Maria Johnson   •   Photographs by Amy Freeman       Going by the listing alone, real estate agent Melissa Greer was “meh” about the [...]

Poem October 2023

Letting Go Today the trees release their leaves. The wind a breath that calls the colors down to earth — wild dance with crimson, gold, and brown aloft in death, unfurling flaming fields  and [...]

Found Objects

What’s old is newly loved By Cassie Bustamante   •   Photographs by Bert VanderVeen If you’ve ever wandered the rows of a flea market or gotten lost in an antique store’s surplus of old oddities, [...]

Call It Kismet

Joey Marlowe’s Most Excellent Turn of Fate By Cynthia Adams Photographs by Amy Freeman       During one of the most competitive real estate markets in modern times, two lucky High Pointers [...]

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