Feature Stories

Chicken 101

With a wing and a prayer, you too can become a chicken tender By David Claude Bailey Photographs by Amy Freeman & Randall Dawson So you think you want chickens? So did we years ago when we [...]

Man, Dog & Photog

A 17-year-old uses a Nikon to explore the connection between people and pups By Cassie Bustamante   •   Photographs by Evan Harris Over the years, 17-year-old Evan Harris has received gifts from [...]

Love in Bloom

Dewberry Farm, a beautiful place for new beginnings By Ross Howell Jr. Photographs by Lynn Donovan           Wendi and Art Johnson are the owners of Dewberry Farm, a private farmhouse in [...]

Jasmine Joy & Big Puff

Acupuncturist Heather Grant’s journey By Ross Howell Jr.  .  Photographs By Lynn Donovan On walks with Sprinkles, I’d often noted a business sign for Paradox Wellness in front of a two-story [...]


Evensong At opposite ends of the feeder, dangling from the buckeye by a sliver of jute, a cardinal and indigo bunting feed, seemingly oblivious to the blue and scarlet other, their [...]

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