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Simple Life

Some years back, I wrote this in tribute to a beloved colleague at the magazine who was preparing to move home to England. We share a love of beautiful English slang. Bob’s the Word By Jim [...]

Simple Life

October’s Surprises By Jim Dodson   As sure as October nights arrive cooler and earlier, stories about dark clowns may soon begin circulating again, as they did four years ago when I posted [...]

Simple Life

Brief Notes from a Transcendental Trout Stream By Jim Dodson   Essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson noted that life comes with compensations. I’ve long believed this to be true, and this week did [...]

High Browsing

Last Laughs By Nancy Oakley   It’s no joke: In recent years comedians have been bemoaning the slow death of comedy, owing to the trend of public shaming or outright cancellation of material [...]

Simple Life

The Life I Never Had By Jim Dodson Sometimes before dawn on the late summer mornings, I let in the cat from his nighttime rambles and put on the coffee, then spend a few quiet moments with Ruby [...]

Simple Life

Blue Angels of the Garden By Jim Dodson As August wanes, dragonflies begin to disappear from the garden. Their lease, like summer’s, is far too brief. I’m always sorry to see them go. The other [...]

Simple Life

Ask The Garden Guru By Jim Dodson   Summer is here. The Garden Guru will now take your important gardening questions.   Dear Garden Guru, I’m new to gardening this year and eager to [...]

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