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A Joyful Noise

At Greensboro’s United House Of Prayer for All People, the Madison Heavenly Sounds Trombone Shout band lifts the spirit and feeds the soul This story originally appeared in O.Henry magazine in [...]

Eye on GSO

By Billy Eye “The fine arts are five in number, namely: painting, sculpture, poetry, music, and architecture, the principal branch of the latter being pastry.” — Marie-Antoine Careme [...]

Simple Life

About Time By Jim Dodson A while back, my beloved wristwatch of many years mysteriously disappeared. On one level, the loss wasn’t such a big a deal. It was, after all, an inexpensive wristwatch [...]

Simple Life

The Definition of Home By Jim Dodson   Not long ago I realized that this is our fourth summer in the old Corry house, the charming midcentury bungalow my wife and I purchased in October of [...]

High Browsing

What the Deuce? by Nancy Oakley Play the hand you’re dealt, the old saying goes. But sometimes the deck is stacked against you, as Italian Baroque master Caravaggio suggests in his iconic [...]

Simple Life

Last Days of the Yard King By Jim Dodson   That July I owned the neighborhood. Or at least my block in Starmount Forest. It was 1968. I was 15, towing an aging Lawnboy push mower behind a [...]

Eye on GSO

Beep Beep! Our Covid Park Side Game by Cynthia Adams   In recent months, the usually subdued Latham Park isn’t. Turns out, one of the positives of a state- and city-wide lock down is seeing [...]

The Simple Life

The Great Road Wagon by Jim Dodson     I call her The Pearl. She’s a 1996 vintage Buick Roadmaster Grand Estate station wagon – a true American land yacht with fake wood siding and a [...]

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