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Jim Dodson, Editor

Andie Stuart Rose, Creative Director

Nancy Oakley, Senior Editor
336.617.0090 • nancy@ohenrymag.com

Lauren Coffey, Graphic Designer

Alyssa Rocherolle, Graphic Designer 

Contributing Editors
Cynthia Adams, Harry Blair, Maria Johnson

Contributing Photographers
Lynn Donovan, Amy Freeman, John Gessner

Susan Campbell, Tony Cross, Terri Kirby Erickson,
Rosetta Fawley, Billy Ingram, Sara King,
Ogi Overman, Kevin Reid, Gwenyfar Rohler,
Astrid Stellanova, Ashley Wahl

David Claude Bailey, Editor at Large

David Woronoff, Publisher

Advertising Sales
Ginny Trigg, Sales Director
910.691.8293, ginny@thepilot.com

Hattie Aderholdt, Sales Manager
336.601.1188, hattie@ohenrymag.com

Lisa Allen, Advertising Representative
336.210.6921  •  lisa@ohenrymag.com

Amy Grove, Advertising Representative
336.456.0827  •  amy@ohenrymag.com

Allison Shore, Advertising Representative
336.698.6374  •  allison@ohenrymag.com

Lisa Bobbitt, Sales Assistant
336.617.0090 • ohenryadvertising@thepilot.com

Brad Beard, Advertising Graphic Design


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