O.Henry Ending

Dogged Pursuit The case of the mysterious potted plants By Pamelia Barham Living on a farm in Summerfield with lots of animals, I’ve become an amateur animal behaviorist. And among my pets, the [...]

The Accidental Astrologer

Take a Chill Pill In September, nothing succeeds like . . . moderation By Astrid Stellanova Summers end is here, Star Children. Mercy be, Astrid is relieved, as so many star charts are running [...]

September Almanac

The full Harvest Moon — also called the Singing Moon — will rise at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Friday, September 16. Owing to its close proximity to the horizon, the moon will appear vast and [...]

A Work in Progress

For Cindy Jones and Craig Wagoner, 19 years was just enough time to produce a magical garden shaped by imagination and spirit By Ross Howell Jr.    •   Photographs by Lynn Donovan On a macadam [...]

Story of a House

The Happy House in the Woods A quiltist and master gardener custom-create their ideal home in the lively woods of Summerfield By Annie Ferguson   •   photographs by Amy Freeman Think of Ken and [...]


There’s more to The National Folk Festival than music By Ogi Overman The primary draw for the multicultural The National Folk Festival, held in downtown Greensboro September 9–11, is the lineup [...]

Making Tracks

Andy Zimmerman’s and ArtsGreensboro’s  mini-folk fest on Lewis Street By Grant Britt Crossing the barrier is a leap of faith. Marked with flashing red lights, clanging bells and a metal arm that [...]

The Mythic Faces of Tate Street Music

A Remembrance of Greensboro’s music scene By Jim Clark In this month of festivals when the playbills are filled with the faces of John Coltrane and scores of jazz and folk musicians headed our [...]

World Music

Globalizing Greensboro Folk By Grant Britt Greensboro has a brand-new music festival. Most everything about it has been good so far, and it looks to keep getting better over time. The only [...]

September Poem

Hole In the Sky Nothing, or nearly so, These thin molecules of air, Water vapor collected So high it’s crystallized, The ice of a cirrus cloud Lit by reflected light And the slant of evening sun [...]

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