A Conversation with John Grisham

Best-selling author John Grisham chats with David Woronoff, publisher of O.Henry, over Zoom on July 15, 2020. The conversation was sponsored by The Country Bookshop of Southern Pines.  

O.Henry Bookshelf

Looking for your next great read? Find recommendations from your favorite O.Henry writers and staff sure to get you through these dog days of summer.   David Woronoff, Publisher: Camino [...]

Simple Life

Silence that Speaks By Jim Dodson   Every year, a dear friend slips away for a three-week retreat into silence and stillness, holing up in a seaside motel somewhere on the Florida coast [...]

Mad Libs

Blanking Out How to live a storied life amid a pandemic By Maria Johnson For the entertainment of our Covid-weary readers, we’ve concocted a fill-in-the-blank game in the spirit of Mad Libs. To [...]

High Browsing

Dishing with Dmitry by Nancy Oakley As any musician these days will attest, the pandemic has been nothing if not challenging, with the myriad restrictions that have come on its heels. In spite of [...]

Simple Life

An Ode to Nature’s Air Conditioning By Jim Dodson   Some years ago, we moved into a historic house loaded with charm and only one thing missing – air conditioning. To be fair, the old place [...]

Simple Life

Life on Earth This story by Jim Dodson originally appeared in O.Henry magazine in March 2017.   Sunday morning in the kitchen, two hours before sunrise. A deep silence fills the house. At [...]

A Joyful Noise

At Greensboro’s United House Of Prayer for All People, the Madison Heavenly Sounds Trombone Shout band lifts the spirit and feeds the soul This story originally appeared in O.Henry magazine in [...]

Eye on GSO

By Billy Eye “The fine arts are five in number, namely: painting, sculpture, poetry, music, and architecture, the principal branch of the latter being pastry.” — Marie-Antoine Careme [...]

Simple Life

About Time By Jim Dodson A while back, my beloved wristwatch of many years mysteriously disappeared. On one level, the loss wasn’t such a big a deal. It was, after all, an inexpensive wristwatch [...]

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