Simple Life

For the Time Being By Jim Dodson My office over the garage, which I fondly call the “Tree House,” is a place where time stands still, in a manner of speaking. It’s also something of a museum for [...]

Simple Life

Waiting Beneath a Clock By Jim Dodson And so the waiting continues, or maybe it’s just beginning.  We’re waiting for the old year to run out — or down — like a dear old mantle clock whose springs [...]

Simple Life

The Great New Year’s Dirt Clod War By Jim Dodson This was the year my father’s cousins, a horde of aunts and uncles plus a Bible-quoting grandmother and three girl cousins from the heart of [...]

Missing Green’s

By Billy Eye The limited ability to enjoy eating out at my favorite restaurants with family and friends has me nostalgic for those grand supper clubs of old that, for several decades, flourished [...]

Eye on GSO

Bridging the Gap By Billy Eye The downtown underpass at Spring Garden and Edgeworth is getting a colorful makeover following the yearlong, painstaking refurbishing of its rusting bridges. A [...]

Simple Life

Saving George An anchor of enchantment in the front yard    By Jim Dodson His name is George. That’s what we’ve taken to calling him, at any rate. He’s old and bent with age, probably close [...]

Thanksgiving a Go-Go

By Billy Eye Every year, for at least the last 15 years, I’ve whipped up a massive Thanksgiving dinner at home — turkey, ham, oyster casserole, sweet-and-sour green beans à la my favorite recipe [...]

Above it All

The rewards of life’s upward climb  By Jim Dodson  Never lose the opportunity to see anything beautiful, Ralph Waldo Emerson once advised, for beauty is God’s handwriting, a wayside sacrament. [...]

Notes on Covid-Era Dining

By Billy Eye Like yourself, no doubt, I’m searching for places to eat and drink where I can feel relatively safe while attempting to reemerge as that bon vivant, debonaire individual the world [...]

Simple Life

They Only Come out at Night by Jim Dodson   They came out of the darkness the other night, devouring everything in their path. I simply opened the front door to feed the cat his supper and [...]

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