Light & Life

    Midway through her junior year at University of Maryland, where she was studying microbiology, Alexis Lavine decided to hang up her lab coat and pick up a paintbrush. Though she had [...]

The Accidental Astrologer

Bull Session The life of a Taurus is always intense By Astrid Stellanova Queen Elizabeth and Ted Kaczynski. Willie Nelson and Billy Joel. Karl Marx and Malcom X. Tina Fey and Adele. Cher and Bono [...]

Food for Thought

Braking for Local Asparagus Spring is the most ephemeral time of the year, so it pays to cook completely in the moment   By Jane Lear Asparagus season is in full swing, and a good thing, [...]

Simple Life

The Dash of Life Savoring time between the beginning and the inevitable   By Jim Dodson At the beginning of Episode Two of my favorite British TV program of the moment, a charming series [...]

The Artist’s View

Hallowed Ground These days, the working life of Bill Mangum has quite literally become a walk in the park. Renowned for his realistic canvases, the Gate City painter — aka “North Carolina’s [...]

Papadaddy’s Mindfield

Mole Talk Small ears that hear everything   By Clyde Edgerton Moby and Medley are moles, sitting at a table in the Sandbucks Coffee Shop, where they meet once a week to talk about life [...]

Putt ’er There, Ma!

A Mother’s Day putting green for Donna Joyce By Cynthia Adams   •   Photographs by Amy Freeman Some moms get a card and flowers — maybe a box of chocolates or brunch — on Mother’s Day. Unless [...]

Gate City Journal

Saving the Day Local craftsman Erich Thompson refreshes the work of legendary cabinetmaker Thomas Day   By Ross Howell Jr. Iím standing in the Patterson Street home of the Woodworker Group [...]

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