O.Henry Ending

A Thing of Beauty Azaleas bring joy forever By Ross Howell Jr Greensborians sometimes take for granted the azalea’s riotous profusion of color and blossom in April. Not me. The Blue Ridge winters [...]

The Accidental Astrologer

Lunatics, Lovers and Poets There’s never a dull moment in Aries-land By Astrid Stellanova Oh, the famously maddening, cuh-razy-making Ram! Famous Arians include maniacs like Hitler (OK, OK, der [...]

Story of a House

Redo, Redux & Release Thomas Buckley on artful designing — and turning — on a dime By Cynthia Adams Photographs by Amy Freeman Last May, Thomas Buckley and his partner, Cecil Lockhart, left [...]


Written in the Stars For Ben Folds, his destiny was a foregone conclusion Most national music pundits place the ascendant star of Ben Folds around 1993 in Chapel Hill, when he formed the Ben [...]

Earth, Wind & Fire

Wild Fired The animal-inspired pottery of Charlie Tefft By Maria Johnson A dozen years ago, Greensboro artist Charlie Tefft thought he knew what being a successful potter meant. It meant getting [...]

Earth, Wind & Fire

The Power of Wind The unseen takes shape in Jim Gallucci’s wind-powered sculptures By Jim Dodson   •   Photographs by Sam Froelich To begin, a breezy pop quiz: What do politicians and pump organs [...]

Earth, Wind & Fire

Iron Man Mark Green’s calling to ancient arms By Ross Howell Jr.   •   Photography by Bert VanderVeen Ask Mark Green — a landscape professional in Greensboro since 1986 — what he enjoys doing [...]

April Poem

A Natural Petition When cats go to Heaven they rearrange the order. First, who made God, God? Who decided angels didn’t need fur, tails and whiskers? Consider tail as a talking point. Consider [...]

Wandering Billy

Endings and Beginnings A lost garden on market, skateboard heaven, and a revolutionary rebirth By Billy Eye “Against her ankles as she trod; The lucky buttercups did nod.” — Jean Ingelow To [...]


A Flash of Green The stealthy green heron returns to N.C.’s waterways By Susan Campbell The green heron is probably one of the coolest little birds around — but one that I’d bet most folks have [...]

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