Doughnut Central

Don’t look now, but, the Gate City is on its way to becoming Greensbordough By Annie Ferguson  •  Photographs by Mark Wagoner The second coming of Dunkin’ Donuts to the South was well-timed in my [...]

Poem February 2017

Grievance The winter wind is searching for a love To love her like one loves the fall, spring, summer, seasons better thought of Than her silent biting chill, her pall. Forgotten, crystal blooms [...]

Wandering Billy

Shaving Grace And new life on South Elm Street By Billy Eye “No one goes there nowadays, it’s too crowded.” — Yogi Berra My pal Taylor Bays and Eye had a notion to visit the old high-rise Hilton [...]


The Gull Next Door Winter brings ring-billed gulls inland By Susan Campbell Gulls? Here in the middle of the state? It may be puzzling but, indeed, you may see a few soaring over the nearby mall [...]

The Pleasures of Life Dept.

Mystery Date A love story incognito By Maria Johnson Want to hear a cool love story? OK, but no real names and dates. Because if you see real names and dates, you’re eyes will glaze over and your [...]

True South

Hold the Aioli And don’t even talk to me about sweet potatoes By Susan Kelly My first fast food was pineapple rings served straight from the squatty green Del Monte can alongside Chef Boyardee [...]

Life of Jane

The Shining The spirited life of a holler-back girl By Jane Borden When I left New York, I’d intended to return to North Carolina. But love and marriage got in the way, and I followed my new [...]

Scuppernong Bookshelf

Welcome to the Year of James Baldwin Scuppernong’s nod to another prominent figure in American letters Here at Scuppernong Books we dedicate each year to a particular writer we are fond of. We [...]

The Omnivorous Reader

Shadow Market A fanciful dealer in dark wares By D.G. Martin When Fred Chappell writes, multitudes of fans stop and read. Now retired, he was for more than 40 years a beloved teacher of writers [...]

Life’s Funny

Much Ado(e) About Nothing Loving reflections on deer and dears By Maria Johnson A dear friend and I were supposed to get coffee on the morning of Christmas Eve, a pleasant pause in the holiday [...]

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